Download some catchy The state of Samuel mp3's!

From Here come the Floods
01. The Residents of Gloom(1.48 min)
07. Square Roots(2.51 min, album version)

From Mutiny on Mercury
02. I still love you(1.59 min)
03. Glue(1.44 min)
05. Why(2.09 min)
13. Trip Wires(1.42 min)

From Swedish Metal Aid
01. The king of cards(2.19 min)
03. Submarine head(3.22 min)
04. Send the pope to Santa Barbara(1.53 min)
05. Plane traps(2.20 min)
07. Slow the video boat down(1.14 min)
10. Blah blah tooth(1.16 min)
12. An hour or two(1.35 min)
13. Plato was right(1.57 min)
16. Estranged strange strange(0.48 min)
17. Pretzel homes(2.14 min)
25. Signed Papertown(2.00 min)